Cours de FLE

Learn French with our French online courses in several languages

Languages are a real communication tool. French is the mother tongue of nearly 78 millions of people, that's a lot of people to talk to ! Our French online courses are designed by experienced linguists and adapted to all levels and situations. Our French express online course will give you all the French basics to have a proper conversation. We offer French online courses from 37 different languages : Moroccan Arabic, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish, Breton, Albanian, Polish, Persian, Korean, Greek, Hindi, Thai, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Armenian, Serbian, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Burmese, Slovak, Danish, Indonesian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Finnish. Vous êtes prêt ? C'est parti, vous comprendrez bientôt ces quelques mots en français !