Cours de Français enfants

What if your child were to speak French ? We often say about children that they are like sponges : they're able to retain a lot of information. If you introduce them to another language on a regular basis, they'll learn it quite fast. Besides, if they start learning it before they are six years old, they won't have any accent ! The younger they are the easier it is for them to retain as much information as possible so now is the best time to introduce your child to a new language. Would you like this new language to be French ? French is the third language used for Business in the world, and second in Europe, it could be useful for your child's future ! Our French online courses are offered in two levels, designed for 0 to 6 years old children. We offer a playful concept through sounds and images so your child can familiarize with the everyday vocabulary : drink, food, get dressed, play, animals, etc. Your child will be able to understand simple conversations and express himself on his own. Our online French courses are designed by languages learning specialists for young children. Being able to speak several languages is a real opportunity, give it to your children !